Over the top 2023
Our Journey
The Northwest Passage has long been both a dream and a nightmare for those seeking a viable route over the top of the world. For hundreds of years, explorers and adventures have tested themselves against the ice, many at the cost of their lives.

In recent years climate change has altered this equation. Now for a brief window in mid-summer, the long-sought passage opens as the sea ice recedes more and more every year. Commercial shipping and oil exploration threaten this pristine wilderness, and it is our goal to capture the grandeur and beauty of this place on film before the floodgates of progress change it forever.

In the summer of 2023, Matty Clarke and Adam Riley will attempt to be the first people to transit the passage in one season in small row boats. Rowing the passage will be the most difficult and dangerous adventure of each of their lives, and with any luck, the most successful. Help us to tell this story and show the world how important this wilderness is for both ourselves and the planet.
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See Matty, Adam, and the boats in action on their winter training expedition
Over the top - Expedition Northwest Passage
Expedition Leaders
  • Adam Riley
    Expedition partner - Author
    Adam is a writer, sailor, woodworker, and outdoor survivalist. His recent adventures include an 8000-mile solo crossing of the Pacific in his wooden sailboat and two months in the Canadian wilderness for season 9 of History channel's "Alone". 
  • Matthew Clarke
    Expedition partner - Filmmaker 
    Matty is a wilderness explorer and digital content creator. His recent adventures include a 4000km canoe trip up the Mackenzie, multiple solo wilderness living expeditions into the Canadian boreal forest, and a survival-based competition in the South Pacific. 
  • Dr. Teimojin Tan
    Expedition Manager
    Dr. Tan is a leading expert in survival medicine and expedition planning. His experience in the Canadian Armed Forces combined with his medical training make him uniquely qualified to manage an Arctic expedition of this scale. Teimojin will be our eyes and ears on the ground for the duration of our expedition.

Watch an expedition rowboat come to life
We couldn't find the perfect boat for this voyage, so we decided to make them! From a stack of plywood comes a boat that will carry us and hundreds of pounds of gear across 2,000 miles of arctic ocean.
Adam's boat build
Matty's boat build
We need your help
Expeditions like this are really expensive! We have a gofundme up for anyone that wants to chip in and join the team!
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